Desktop Plagiarism Checker 1.22

Catch copied writings, paragraphs, and phrases with a computer

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Desktop Plagiarism Checker is a Windows tool to detect unoriginal text.

There are many reasons why you may need to ensure that a text has not been posted online previously. Teachers want to make sure that submitted essays are unique. Website editors need to ensure that the articles they publish are original. Even professional writers need to check their own work to ensure that there is not too much overlap with another article that has already been published online. You may also want to see if someone is using your content without permission.

Desktop Plagiarism Checker is a Windows tool designed to help you do that. It is also freeware, which means that you download it and use it as much as you want without cost. This program was created at a time when it was still common to create Windows forms to access Web-based content. The way it discovers plagiarism is by querying your task against various popular search engines.

The program is mainly a large textbox. Enter the text you want to check. Choose a search engine. Select or deselect exact search. Select or deselect use TOR. Finally, select the Check Duplicate Content button. Desktop Plagiarism Checker will run the query and return the results to you.

To be frank, this is a cumbersome approach to detecting plagiarism. If you want to run a query across Google, Bing and Yahoo, for instance, you have to click the button three times. If you want to run a query against Google Scholar—which includes published books—that takes place in a second window. You have to post the text there again and set that configuration independently.

Exact search works well enough if a 1:1 copy can be found somewhere online. Actual plagiarism is often not so straightforward. Particular sections of a text may be used. When it comes to partial matches, the program is more miss than hit and does not really provide the information needed.

Desktop Plagiarism Checker was certainly useful when few tools like this were available. The problem now is that plagiarism checkers have gotten very sophisticated. They are available online. Some very good ones are free to use. The paid ones are very impressive, and this program is just too clunky and not robust enough when all of those other options are out there.


  • Freeware
  • Multiple search engines
  • Many languages supported


  • Outdated solution

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